Solo exhibitions:

2023 - Ellenpontok -Opposites - Művészetek Tere, Esztergom

2015 - The present simple and the past continuous - Attention, the place, Budapest


Group exhibitions:


2024: Let Your Star Shine - Barcsay Hall in Hungarian University of Fine Arts //Budapest//

2023: Colony IV - Feast - Dokk Studio in Népsziget//Budapest//

2022: Stay among us - Selections from the art teaching activities of László László Révész - in Barcsay Hall - Hungarian University of Fine Arts //Budapest//

2022: Colony lll - Love in the Cultural Center- DOKK Studio - in Népsziget//Budapest//

2021: Methaphysical Passage Through a Zebra - Stories about Hunting and Nature in Ludwig Museum //Budapest//

2021: Minimalism, Contemporary Art from the Collection of Rátfai Attila //Budapest//

2019: Puskin Cinema, Bedrum  Exhibition and Zine Opening //Budapest//

2018: Budavári Mikve, Entrée, Exhibition of Freshly Graduated Students //Budapest//

2018:  Amicitia, Kányafő Gallery //Cluj Napoca//

2018: ------ Photo Exhibition in 2B Gallery //Budapest//

2018: Best of Diploma 2018 Hungarian University of Fine Arts //Budapest//

2017: Godot Pop Up Art Fair and Exhibition in Godot Gallery //Budapest//

2015: Students from Univiersity of Reading -The Rising Sun Centre //Reading, England//

2015: Reality - in Institut Francais //Budapest//

2015: The Third year and Fourth year The Hungarian University of Fine Arts-  painter students in B'32 and Trezor Gallery //Budapest//

2014:  Dafé Budapest-Contemporary young artist- Kugler Art Salon //Budapest//

2014: Gender Paintbrush lll. Barcsay Hall, Hungarian University of Fine Arts //Budapest//

2013: Faculty of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts, Slovakia //Banská Bystrica//

2012: New port, New Media Gallery, Slovaki //Kosice//

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